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Location of the Week!

This week’s location is… Olivine City, of Johto!

Olivine City is located on the coast of Johto, near Ecruteak City and Cianwood City.  It is a major port city, and is home to the Glitter Lighthouse.  The Glitter Lighthouse helps guide the way for the S.S Aqua; which connects it to it’s “sister city” Vermilion City of Kanto.  Here in Olivine City is where you can challenge Jasmine for the Mineral Badge.

Places of Interest:

Glitter Lighthouse: This lighthouse is illuminated by Amphy, the Ampharos, and provides light for ships in the harbor.  

Olivine Port: It is a city famed for it’s water travel.  Here is where one could take the S.S Aqua to a port in Vermilion City.  However it can only be ridden Mondays and Fridays.

Olivine Cafe: This is a restaurant west of the Pokemon Center.  It’s a popular spot for sailors to stop and rest, and eat.  Here is where a sailor will give away HM04, Strength.  (In Generation II).  However, in Generation IV, the sailor simply suggests hiking to Mt. Mortar to find a Hiker with an extra HM04.  

Fun Facts:

- A remix of this town’s music can be heard in the Six and Seven Islands.

- In Generation II, there was programming for a house in Olivine City that was not included.  Inside, a woman mentions a pharmacy in Ecruteak City.  This could have been an error, or perhaps an insight to an intention of having the pharmacy be in Ecruteak City instead of Cianwood City.

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